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And get to know Stelleplas, Hellendoorn or Oysterduinen.
  • Brand new vacation rentals
  • In Zeeland, Overijssel and North Brabant
  • Appealing yield

Discover the vacation rentals of Kleen Resorts

Kleen Resorts offers newly constructed vacation rentals at Oysterduinen and Stelleplas in Zeeland. The parks are located in Yerseke, famous for being a mussel and oyster village, and Heinkenszand. You will also find several homes in Twente at Recreatiepark Hellendoorn, in North Brabant at Vosseweide and at 't Schipbeek in Overijssel. It is possible to use the property for own use, for full letting or a combination of the two. In case of full letting, you will benefit from a guaranteed return of 6.5%!

The sustainable cottages are situated in a beautiful location by the water or the forest edge, with the option of choosing private wellness, in the form of a sauna and hot tub, at the home.


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Our vacation homes:

    Sustainable vacation homes
    Appealing yield
    Our own professional rental organization
    5 resorts in the Netherlands

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Visit our resorts

Recreatiepark Stelleplas
Stelleweg 1, 4451 RL Heinkenszand, Zeeland

Resort Vosseweide
Veerweg 1A, 4681 RH Nieuw-Vossemeer, North Brabant

Recreatiepark Hellendoorn
Tunnelweg 4a, 7448 RW Haarle, Overijssel

Resort Oysterduinen
Burenpolderweg 30a, 4401 KX Yerseke, Zeeland

Bospark 't Schipbeek
Bronsvoorderdijk 23A, 7437 PX Bathmen, Overijssel