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Buying a recreation home Friesland
  • Luxurious vacation homes
  • Beautiful location by the Frisian lakes
  • With a private marina

Buying a recreation home in Friesland

Buying a vacation home in Friesland, also known as Fryslân, means investing in a place for vacations and in a place to obtain an appealing return. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of tourists in Friesland has increased by 32% in 10 years and this popularity can easily be explained. Thanks to the many nature reserves, water–rich areas, and charming cities and towns, tourists always manage to find this province. Our vacation homes are located in Balk and near the Frisian lakes. 

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Holiday rentals on offer in Friesland:

Summary of the vacation homes:

  • Prices from €220,000 excl. VAT.
  • Suitable for 4 up to 6 people
  • Unique location by the water
  • Turnkey handover available

Buying a vacation rental in Friesland on the waterfront

Recreation in Friesland means relaxation, fun, and being outdoors. This is reflected in the vacation rentals at our resort as well. The 4- to 6-person vacation rentals are luxuriously and comfortably furnished for optimal relaxation. In addition, the homes all have a place to relax outside, which can be a covered patio or an open yard. The homes meet the latest BENG requirements so you can enjoy a sustainable stay as well. 

Why opt for a vacation rental in Friesland?

The province is known for its unique and welcoming culture with its own language, but that is not all. Friesland, of course, is also known for the Eleven City Tour, fierljeppen, its great natural beauty, plenty of water, and cozy towns. Discover the nature of the Tsjûkemar, a nature reserve with beautiful hiking and biking routes past works of art, historical sites, and special landscapes. Too hot to be moving around? Rent a boat and explore the Friesland Lakes! Enjoy a day of shopping in Heerenveen or visit Europe's largest inland water sailing event during Sneekweek. Friesland is the ultimate place to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and unwind for a while. For yourself as the owner, but also for the vacation guests at your accommodation. 

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