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Kleen Resorts Verkoop
Combination renting out and personal use

Combination of private use and renting out

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And get to know Stelleplas, Hellendoorn or Oysterduinen.
  • For private use and renting out
  • Attractive rental returns
  • Professional rental organization

A recreation home for private use and renting out

You'll find the most beautiful places to invest in a holiday home for private use and renting out at Kleen Resorts. Here you can invest in sustainable and, more importantly, luxurious waterside holiday homes in the provinces of Zeeland and Noord-Brabant, and in Bathmen in Overijssel. At Kleen Resorts Stelleplas, Kleen Resorts Zon en Zee, Vosseweide, and Bospark 't Schipbeek you can pick between 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-person holiday homes you can both rent out and use privately. This allows you to enjoy the true holiday yourself, while also enjoying a guaranteed yield of, for example, 6.5% or 7% on your investment.

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Enjoy the holiday feeling in your own recreation home

Owning a holiday homes offers tons of advantages to owners. You can always come back to your little slice of paradise, escaping the daily hustle and bustle. You can furnish your holiday home to your own taste and preferences, truly making it a home away from home. Besides the personal advantages, buying a holiday home also offers an attractive financial perspective. By partially renting out your holiday home when you do not use it, you can generate a stable income source. Our professional rental organization takes care of everything for you. Our professional rental organization maximizes the occupancy rate, collaborates with tour operators, takes care of online marketing, and offers you full control over your own home.

    Sustainable vacation homes
    Attractive yield
    In-house rental organization
    Personal preferences

Take a look at our holiday park, without obligation to rent

Resort Vosseweide

Just outside Zeeland, simply in North Brabant. Meet our brand new resort and the realization of 146 modern chalets!

Your holiday home in touristic Zeeland

At Kleen Resorts Verkoop you can choose to buy a holiday home in Yerseke or Heinkenszand in Zeeland, or just across the border in Noord-Brabant in Nieuw-Vossemeer. Both you and your guests will definitely enjoy yourselves here. Yerseke and Heinkenszand are two touristic villages in the middle of Zeeland. Both villages offer a wide range of activities and points of interest for you, but also for your guests.  The beautiful rural area is perfect when you enjoy outdoor activities. You can walk or cycle through the picturesque landscape, along serpentining dykes and green meadows. There is a challenging 18-hole golf course for golf lovers where you can test your skills in the middle of serenity and natural beauty. In the center of the villages you'll find fun shops, restaurants, and bars where you can enjoy local delicacies like oysters.

You'll find Kleen Resorts Stelleplas here

You'll find Kleen Resorts Zon en Zee here

What are the advantages of buying a holiday home to rent out and for private use?

Buying a holiday home for private use and to rent out offers various advantages. Besides providing you with fun and relaxation, you also enjoy additional income when you rent it out.  Holiday homes in popular locations can offer an attractive yield on an investment, especially during the peak season. You have the freedom and flexibility to decide when you want to use your own holiday home in Zeeland yourself.

How does the management and maintenance of my holiday home work?

For you as owner, Kleen Resorts takes care of all the operational activities related to the rental process, including the management and maintenance of your recreation home in Zeeland.  From the reception of the guests, cleaning up, and taking care of the sheets, to the garden maintenance and annual major cleaning and maintenance. 

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  • Take a look at the projected returns
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Visit our resorts

Recreatiepark Stelleplas
Stelleweg 1, 4451 RL Heinkenszand, Zeeland

Resort Vosseweide
Veerweg 1A, 4681 RH Nieuw-Vossemeer, North Brabant

Recreatiepark Hellendoorn
Tunnelweg 4a, 7448 RW Haarle, Overijssel

Resort Oysterduinen
Burenpolderweg 30a, 4401 KX Yerseke, Zeeland

Bospark 't Schipbeek
Bronsvoorderdijk 23A, 7437 PX Bathmen, Overijssel