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Sustainable vacation home

Buying a sustainable holiday home

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And get to know Stelleplas, Hellendoorn or Oysterduinen.
  • Sustainable recreation facilities
  • A stable investment
  • In the middle of the Zeeland nature

Invest in a green holiday home

Interest in purchasing a sustainable holiday home has increased tremendously in the last few years. Sustainability is playing an ever-growing part in our daily life, and also in recreational real estate. At Kleen Resorts we are fully aware of this.  That is why sustainability is key at our resorts. We are located in natural areas and the homes are built following the latest BENG requirements.


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Discover our sustainable holiday homes:

Enjoy sustainable projects

Our projects are developed keeping nature and the environment in mind. We want to minimize the ecological footprint, and therefore use sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems like a heat pump, solar panels, and a vegetation roof. We want to give both you, the owner, and your guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural areas our projects are located in, and therefore stimulate outdoor life and recreational activities. We are proud of our contribution to the recreational sector and hope our project will form a lasting memory for you and your guests.

Take a look at our parks in Zeeland and Overijssel:

Our sustainable homes

At Kleen Resorts we offer luxurious and sustainable holiday homes in the beautiful province of Zeeland. For example, the homes have synthetic windows frames with double glazing and are fully off the gas grid. At our resorts, Stelleplas, Bospark 't Schipbeek, Vosseweide, and Oysterduinen, you can choose between comfortable 2-, 4- and 6-person homes that can be rented out completely or are (partially) available for private use. Are you looking for a second home? At Kleen Resorts Stelleplas you enjoy an attractive yield of 6.5% on your investment when fully renting out.

About Kleen Resorts:

  • Years of experience in recreational real estate
  • Everything from production to delivery in-house
  • Attractive yield of 6.5%
  • Our own professional rental organization
  • Close collaboration with tour operators

What are BENG requirements?

BENG is short for Near Energy-Neutral Buildings. These are requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings in the Netherlands. The requirements were developed to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Which advantages does buying a sustainable holiday home offer?

Sustainble holiday homes are designed to be energy-efficient, so they use less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting. This results in lower energy fees and a lower impact on the environment. Besides that, sustainable holiday homes are rising in popularity with holiday goers.

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What to expect

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  • Exclusive models of the homes
  • Get to know the organization

Visit our resorts

Recreatiepark Stelleplas
Stelleweg 1, 4451 RL Heinkenszand, Zeeland

Resort Vosseweide
Veerweg 1A, 4681 RH Nieuw-Vossemeer, North Brabant

Recreatiepark Hellendoorn
Tunnelweg 4a, 7448 RW Haarle, Overijssel

Resort Oysterduinen
Burenpolderweg 30a, 4401 KX Yerseke, Zeeland

Bospark 't Schipbeek
Bronsvoorderdijk 23A, 7437 PX Bathmen, Overijssel