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Buying a second home

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  • Investing in extra luxury
  • For private use and letting

Investing in a second home

Many people consider buying a second home for a variety of reasons. A common motivation is having a holiday home where they can relax and escape the daily grind. A second home can also serve as a smart investment, for which the value can increase over the years and you can generate additional income by renting it out for an attractive return.

Did you know that you can also buy a second home with wellness facilities? That's nice and relaxing for you and your guests!


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Buying a home at Kleen Resorts Sales

At Kleen Resorts Sales, you have the choice to invest in a second home at Kleen Resorts Stelleplas and Kleen Resorts Zon en Zee. Both are located in the touristic province of Zealand. In addition, you can also invest in a home at Kleen Resorts Vosseweide in North Brabant and Bospark 't Schipbeek in Overijssel. These homes can accommodate 2 to 6 persons. You can choose whether to use them for personal use or letting, or a combination of the two. When you choose to make your second home available for letting, you will benefit from a guaranteed return of 6.5% at Recreatiepark Stelleplas and 7% at Oysterduinen. In case of letting, our professional rental organization will take care of everything for you. This allows you to achieve high occupancy rates and takes away the tasks of maintenance and lettings so you can enjoy carefree enjoyment.

Why Kleen Resorts Sales?

  • In Heinkenszand or Yerseke (Zeeland)
  • For 2 to 6 persons
  • With wellness options
  • Own use or (partial) letting
  • Professional rental agency
  • Guaranteed return 6.5% or 7%
  • In wooded Bathmen, Overijssel
  • Just outside Zeeland, in North Brabant

The benefits of a second home

Buying a second home offers several advantages. First, owning a second home offers the opportunity to have your own vacation spot , a place to escape the daily routine and enjoy some relaxation and tranquility. In addition, a second home can also serve as an investment. Many people see it as an opportunity to build wealth because property values can increase over the years. The property can also generate extra income when you rent it out whenever you are not using it yourself. This can help cover costs and possibly even make a profit. 

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What previous interested parties asked us

Where can I buy a second home?

You can at Kleen Resorts Stelleplas and Kleen Resorts Zon en Zee Both parks are located in Zeeland. Kleen Resorts is located in Heinkenszand and Kleen Resorts Zon en Zee in Yerseke. Both are picturesque villages with lots of water. You can enjoy local specialties such as oysters. You can also opt for a second home just outside Zeeland at Kleen Resort Vosseweide. This resort is found in North Brabant and is located near the water. If you prefer your second home to be situated more inland, you can opt for Bospark 't Schipbeek. A small-scale holiday park located in Bathmen, Overijssel.

What are the advantages of buying a second home at a holiday park?

Buying a second home offers two advantages. You can enjoy your own holiday spot in water-rich Zeeland, North Brabant or wooded Overijssel. You decide when you come and go. In addition, you can generate extra income if you decide to rent it out.

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Recreatiepark Stelleplas
Stelleweg 1, 4451 RL Heinkenszand, Zeeland

Resort Vosseweide
Veerweg 1A, 4681 RH Nieuw-Vossemeer, North Brabant

Recreatiepark Hellendoorn
Tunnelweg 4a, 7448 RW Haarle, Overijssel

Resort Oysterduinen
Burenpolderweg 30a, 4401 KX Yerseke, Zeeland

Bospark 't Schipbeek
Bronsvoorderdijk 23A, 7437 PX Bathmen, Overijssel