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  • Homes in nature
  • For (partial) private use or to rent out
  • Attractive yield

A recreation home as a stable investment

Kleen Resorst offers recreation homes for private use, to rent out, or a combination of both. When renting out, you receive an attractive yield of 6.5% at Recreatiepark Stelleplas and Recreatiepark Hellendoorn. At Oysterduinen a net yield of 7% applies which is paid out monthly. The yield depends on the type of investment. This also holds for Resort Vosseweide.The sustainable homes of Kleen Resorts are located in Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, and Overijssel. The homes have all the needed luxury and comfort so you or your guests can enjoy themselves without any worries. Because all of our five parks are located in a quiet, forested area, you and/or your guests can enjoy some undisrupted private time.


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Investing at Kleen Resorts

Because of the continuously rising demand for recreation homes, buying a second home to rent out becomes more and more interesting. But at Kleen Resorts you can also buy a home for (partial) private use. Here you can make a short-term, medium-term, and long-term investment. The respective yields are 9%, 6.5%, and 8-9% Our professional rental organization can take care of the entire rental process for you, so you can enjoy your investment without any worries.

Why Kleen Resorts?

  • High occupancy rate
  • Attractive yield
  • Rent out without any worries
  • Administration taken care of

The luxurious homes of Kleen Resorts

The newly-constructed homes of Kleen Resorts are located in a beautiful location by the water or in the forest, and are located in Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, and Overijssel. The parks are located in areas where there are plenty things to do. There are many beautiful hiking and cycling routes, but you'll also find various marinas and water sports options in the area.  The homes on a private plot optionally feature wellness, where you can relax well.  The holiday homes are constructed sustainably and are isolated well, so the homes can be used 12 months per year. The tiny houses can be delivered with full furnishing, but you can also decide to take care of this yourself. 

What previous interested parties asked us

Where are the parks located?

Currently, Kleen Resorts has a total of five holiday parks. Two holiday parks are located in Zeeland. Oysterduinen, located in the fishing town of Yerseke, and Stelleplas, located in Heinkenszand. Kleen Resorts also has one holiday park in Overijssel: Recreatiepark Hellendoorn in Hellendoorn. Additionally, there is a fifth park in Noord-Brabant, which is Vosseweide in Nieuw-Vossemeer.

What about the yields?

Short-term investing has a maximum term of 12 months. You will receive a fixed monthly return payment of 9%. Medium-term investing has a term of 1 - 5 years with a monthly return of 6.5%. Long-term investing has a term of +5 years, where you become the owner of a holiday home. You will benefit from a return of 8-9% if you choose to rent out the home. You can also keep using the home yourself.

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Visit our resorts

Resort De Steppe
Baarleseweg 1, 5113 TA Ulicoten, Noord-Brabant

Recreatiepark Stelleplas
Stelleweg 1, 4451 RL Heinkenszand, Zeeland

Recreatiepark Hellendoorn
Tunnelweg 4a, 7448 RW Haarle, Overijssel

Resort 'Aan het Slotermeer'
Tjamskedykje 6, 8561 HA Balk, Friesland
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Resort Vosseweide
Veerweg 1A, 4681 RH Nieuw-Vossemeer, North Brabant

Resort Oysterduinen
Burenpolderweg 30a, 4401 KX Yerseke, Zeeland